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Welcome to Pottermore-OC-RP! We are an open, chat based, roleplaying group for Harry Potter OCs! If you love Harry Potter, the Pottermore experience, creating your own character and roleplaying, you are definitely in the right place!
Feel free to take a look around and ask any questions should you have them!

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Character listing and who is played by house.

You may submit this form to the group so we know what your character looks like. A picture of your character submitted to the gallery is much loved. This form may be updated as we see fit. Send it in a note to the group and we'll look it over. You will first be put on trial to make sure there is nothing that might cause inconsistency, and if everything runs smoothly, you'll be placed officially.

Remember: Some types of witches and wizards are more rare than others, please keep things plausible.

Body Build:
Race (Are they anything besides human?):
Quidditch Team (Are they a part of the Quidditch Team? Please refer to this journal for the spots that are open! If your character is not part of the house team, please leave this blank!):
Clothing (Do they Keep to the dress code or do they break it?):




*** Please note that we update this Character List roughly every three to four weeks! Characters that have been inactive for those couple weeks without notice will be removed. This doesn't mean you've been kicked out of the group entirely! You are totally free to join again provided you can be active.
We DO NOT send you a note or a comment telling you you've been removed. We expect you to be mature enough to understand that you agreed to follow the rules when you joined, one of the rules being: be in the chat and active at least once every three to four weeks to remain on the list.***




:bulletyellow: Willow "Pumpkin" Crewe -- Lotha-Aterruce

Age/Gender/Year: 16, Male, Sixth Year
Height: 5’6”
Body Build: Tall, lanky.
Race (Are they anything besides human?): Human, Animagus
Clothing: Usually sticks to the dress code, but when he can get away with it, generally wears a far-oversized sweater that his mother knit. She was never so very good at sizing and would have given it to his father, but he’d snatched it up, and now it is something to remember her by due to her somewhat recent passing.
Looks: Pumpkin has naturally orange hair that is usually allowed to fluff whichever way it likes, with two longer locks of hair just behind each ear that are scarlet red ending in golden tips. He inherited his silvery-blue eyes from his father. Freckles dot across his pallid nose and cheeks and also across his shoulders.

General: Pumpkin is shy and quiet, preferring to read books than socialize. He doesn’t really feel he fits in with the other students, but is quite glad to be in Hufflepuff as at least he’s with kindred spirits. The only courses he finds himself good at are Care of Majickal Creatures, Herbology, and a bit of charms and transfiguration; Aside from that, he feels he is completely useless as a wizard.  He earned the nickname Pumpkin not only due to his orange hair, but also due to a mishap in first year, where some Slytherins dropped a pumpkin on his head at the Halloween feast and topped it off by dousing him with pumpkin juice. No matter what he couldn't get the smell of pumpkin out of his clothing, and is sure there was some sort of curse put on him for that week. Is proud to say he has at least one friend (true friends is yet to be seen) in each house.
Likes:  Reading and learning, succeeding in his endeavors, Pumpkins (Despite the bad memories), flying.
Dislikes: Being laughed at and teased is the biggest thing. Dislikes Asparagus (Yuck!), Potions.
Fears: Not succeeding in anything useful, getting the Troll mark in any of his classes, being alone, not being liked, losing everyone and everything he holds dear.

*Pumpkin actually has a rather beautiful singing voice, though only sings when he’s extremely happy or feeling quite secure.

*He is Honest and extremely Loyal, and once you’ve earned his hard-won trust, he will stick by you until the very end.

*Will often be found out on the grounds whenever possible, sometimes sitting by the lake or perched up in a tree that is seemingly unclimbable.  Has once or twice debated on seeing if he could sit in the whomping willow, but knows he might just get smashed by its branches.

:bulletblack: Eavan Keogh -- there-is-not-enough

House: Hufflepuff
Age/Gender/Year: 15, Female, Fifth Year
Height: 5’7”
Body Build: A little taller than average and relatively slender, with slight muscle tone in her arms and legs. She’s also very flat-chested.
Race: Mostly pureblood wizard, though she is 1/4th selkie from her father’s side.
Clothing: She keeps to the dress code robes, though when she is allowed casual clothes she wears jeans, a loose t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket. She also wears small stud earrings.
Looks: Eavan has short, straight dirty-blond hair and brown eyes. Freckles are sprinkled across her cheeks and nose. She is frequently mistaken for a boy due to her androgynous appearance.

General: Eavan is generally cheerful, and enjoys playing a practical joke or two. She doesn’t respond too much if anyone picks on her, but she will fight if someone insults her friends. Whenever her memories of The Hag are brought up
Likes: Swimming (typically as a seal), the ocean, playing practical jokes, and any class involving spellcasting.
Dislikes: The Hag, bullies, her grandfather, heights, Potions (she’s horrible at brewing potions), anything made of seal leather, and celery.
Fears: The Hag, losing those she cares about.

*Eavan is generally pretty cheery, and even if something is bothering her, she will try to keep up that front. The only time she shows true discomfort is when she thinks about The Hag.
*She is best with remembering spells, and is quick with a wand.
*Eavan is friendly with most people, but if she truly considers someone a friend, they have her utmost loyalty.


:bulletorange: Cauldron Quiethearse -- hetalia101

Age/Gender/Year: 17, Male, 7th
Height: 5'9"
Body Build: Tall, pale and lanky
Race: Pure Blooded Wizard
Clothing: Keeps to the dress code and will wear sharp looking clothes when he's not wearing the uniform

General: Generally he's very nice and considerate towards others. Well, alright, that's not completely true. He has a sprinkling of nice and charming over a core of asshole with a small center of love and compassion. Deep down he really does love all of his friends but he also likes to play jokes on them that are borderline mean.
Likes: Mythical creatures is his favorite but his most favorite one wold be the dragon. Any kind of dragon will do. He plans to be a Dragon Breeder when he leaves Hogwart's. He loves all of his friends deeply and doesn't care about houses.
Dislikes: He hates when his friends are mad at him. Potions. Fucking potions.
Fears: Above everything he fears losing his friends

*He had a crush on Professor Snape when he was teaching at Hogwarts
*He may have a crush on one of his other friends as well
*He entered the Triwizard Tournament just to get a close up view of a dragon and almost lost his life
*He's snuck into each and every one of the other dorms (Except Hufflepuff) at least once and has not gotten caught since he started during his first year


:bulletgreen: Chester "Chestnut" Grey -- PageOfBreath

Age/Gender/Year: 16; Male; Sixth Year
Height: 5'2"
Body Build: Short, lightly muscled and with a bit of extra baby pudge around the middle that he's sadly not lost yet.
Race: Human; Fullblooded Wizard
Quidditch Team: Slytherin Seeker
Clothing: He keeps as close to the dress code as he can, actually enjoying wearing green sweater-vests, the sharp button-up shirts and ties. His robes and clothing are always in order. When he's able to be a little more casual he goes the way of jeans and house sweaters.
Looks: Tidy chestnut-brown hair, grey-blue sharp eyes, and a round face. He's pretty short and his overall looks tell that at least one of his parents is of Asian descent.

General: He comes off as a snooty, self-centered little brat at first glance, boastful of his potions abilities and how he's supposedly the potions professor's star pupil (which he likely isn't, he just enjoys to believe just that). However, once you look past the bratty first impression, he just so happens to wear his heart on his sleeve and easily opens up to people about his emotions; which can be bothersome to most. Chester, when the right buttons are pushed, can be a crybaby as well. He does make an effort to keep himself controlled as far as emotions go, but sometimes he does have little outbursts. This does cause a bit of edginess with the other Slytherins, as Slytherins are supposedly more composed than that and a lot of people seem to pride themselves on it. Of course, this means that Chester is in no way, good at Occlumency; he always has too much going through his mind and he finds it hard to suppress his emotions and feelings. He does, however, have some potential to become somewhat talented at Legilimency, but that's only if he were to really try...which he likely won't.
Chester cares a lot about his grades and the House Points. He is a bit of a goodie-two-shoes in that aspect, though sometimes he is pulled into silly rule-breakings with some of his friends.
Likes: He loves Potions and Divination; being exceedingly good with Divination in particular. He has an incredible sweet tooth, loving Cauldron Cakes the most~ Quidditch is a big thing for him and he is part of the Slytherin team as the Seeker. He is quite talented, even if he does have a bit of a problem with bludgers. He loves his Siamese cat, Fortune, as it's the only animal (besides the family owl) that actually seems to like him.
Dislikes: Care of Magical Creatures is his least favorite class due to the fact that most animals, magical or not, simply dislike him! He's not mean to them, they just don't seem to like him. He's also not too fond of being scolded or losing points-- house points or assignment points. Being roped into crazy schemes and pulled along for rule-breaking stunts is another thing. Rule-breaking in general.
Fears: Sometimes he's afraid of seeing terrible things in his visions, readings, or predictions. He's horribly scared of losing his friends or being hated. Chester is emetophobic; severely afraid of vomiting. He's always hated everything about it-- the thought of expelling things that-- uuugh, never mind! It's too horrible!

** His mother, father, and elder brother have all been in Ravenclaw. He's the first in his immediate family to be sorted into Slytherin. (There may have been a grandfather or an aunt sorted in to Slytherin in the past, however, so it's not an uncommon thing in his extended family.)
** "You have the wit and determination to learn, I see, to be in Ravenclaw. But there's more in you, more to you. Potential and greatness... Oh yes, I know now," Said the hat upon his head, the voice soft before growing loud, shouting to the whole Great Hall; "SLYTHERIN!"
** Chester is a Seer.


:bulletred: Ronald Silverain -- javarhino

House: Gryffindor
Age/Gender/Year: 32/Male/Graduated
Height: 5'9"
Body Build: Average build
Race (Are they anything besides human?): Full Blooded Wizard
Clothing (Do they Keep to the dress code or do they break it?): Gryffindor colors and average dress up shirt and slacks. Orange framed glasses
Looks: Pretty average. Short brown hair, green eyes, glasses, pretty average and forgettable

General: Nice and fair to all his students though he seems a little bit more inclined to give extra work to the Gyffindors as they seem to need a bit of help with their studies
Likes: He loves the runes that he discovers and he loves mysteries and finding solutions to such mysteries. Gets rather excitable around puzzles and reverts to a kid like attitude when solving things
Dislikes: He doesn't like not being able to solve things. When he can't figure something out and he's told the answer he will dwell on it for days on end and wonder why he couldn't figure it out. It bugs him a lot.
Fears: He has an unnatural fear of seeing blood

*Teaches the Ancient Runes class


:bulletblue: Luka Andrei Vodianol -- HoNkHoNkGamzee

House: Ravenclaw (No longer a student)
Age/Gender/Year: Unknown (Looks to be in his late teens), Male, No longer a student.
Height: 5’4”
Body Build: Sleek swimmer’s build.
Race: Rusalka
Clothing: Is usually found in a plain white Victorian-style shirt and loose black pants; Seemingly always barefoot.
Looks: Luka is average-sized with a swimmer’s build. His unkempt blonde hair is long since tinted with green from his many years in the lake. In good lighting, his eyes can pass for a pale blue, but upon closer inspection, they are simply glazed over. The boy’s skin is horridly pale and his lips are faintly discoloured and easily passable as from the cold water of the lake.

General: Luka is quiet and calculating. He may sit at the bottom of the lake for hours simply thinking and plotting. Often he will find himself angry with himself for not being able to remember why he is there in the first place and will terrorize the other creatures in the lake.
Likes: The Giant squid, interesting pebbles and discarded junk.
Dislikes: The mermaids and Grindylows.
Fears: Luka is rather fearless, though does have a deep, nagging, sickening feeling of loneliness; he also fears when the students happen by him. He always ends up doing something he regrets later. Drying out, fire.

** Once in a while a student will go missing; they are hardly ever found, but if they do not turn up in the forest, sometimes they float to the surface of the lake.
** He is quite fond of the squid.
**Sometimes Luka gets curious about the world outside his lake and will wander off, sometimes even venturing as far as the doors to the castle.
More Journal Entries


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